Summer Sundays

Summer Sundays


Happy Sunday!

There is just something about a summer Sunday that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the way that the city slows down, the way that parents watch their young ones dance in the sprinklers, the way that dogs run up to me on the freshly mowed lawn begging for a belly rub. Sundays are a day that I will always hold dearly in my heart. What is a Sunday to you? It could be your day of worship, it could be the only day that you have to do your grocery shopping or maybe it could be the day that you watch Sex in the City marathon. For me, Sundays are a day of relaxation, a day to regroup my thoughts. It’s a day of meditation and spending time with my loved ones. Sundays are the best friend that you look forward to going to brunch with weekly. Sundays are a Jack Russell running up to me, licking my face and telling me how much he loves me. The day that I plan my agenda for the week in my Bloom Daily Planner. Sundays are a day for me to kick back and BBQ a vegan burger or vegan dog on the grill. A day of a city girl twirling around in my bedroom to the great Sheryl Crow. A day of a long drive on the highway to the beach, to pick up seashells for my collection and run from the tide, like a delicate five-year-old. Sundays are a day for recovery, a day to revive your childhood adventures and explore your imagination. A day for snow cones, laughter, and taking excessive photos for memories. But, why is it that we wait until Sunday for this? Close your eyes, and just for a minute, just imagine what life would be like if you enjoyed every day, instead of anticipating for the weekend. Would you like it? My goal this week is to do something that makes me feel alive. Something that I can feel excited to tell my best friend Sunday all about. Choose something that is adventurous or something that you longed to do, but haven’t started. Hold my hand, we’ll start this journey together.
You and me.
You’re not alone, even when you feel lonely.


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